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To establish children’s home to help poor and orphan children...
We at cheers foundation strongly believe that all children deserve...
Children all are doing well, they all got good marks in annual exams...
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Children all are doing well, they all got good marks in annual exams they are so excited to go to new classes. This year Tejashwini, Kavyasry is going to 10th class.
We need to join Sujatha, Srikanth in to Degree college
Jhansi in to Inter college.
This 2017-18 By Gods grace we able to construction new building to the girls.
For this new accademic year 2018-19 we planing to take 5 more children in to cheers Home.
By Gods grace in 2017-18 year we able to give evening tuition, books stationary to 150 Government school going children in 10 centers in Warangal rural. 
This 2018-19 we planing to reach 250 children.
2017-18 we able distribute 1200 blankets to the old and poor people in warangal, Medhak districts in Telangana.
This 2018-19 we planing to distribute 2000 balnkets in Telangana,Andrapradesh to poor and needy.
 2017-18 we able give sewing machine training to 25 woman in slums who struggling in family financial life.
This 2018-19 we planing to give sewing machine training to 50 woman.
without your love and support we cant achieve this things, hope you will stretch your heart and hand for this year also.
Annual Exam Results 2017-18