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About Us

Youth Career Building Project

A Youth Career Building Project is a unique initiative that is helping rural youth who have completed degrees and are seeking employment. It does so by providing essential food, accommodation, and shelter for eligible applicants for a period of up to 15 members per batch. This initiative also helps equip the youth with essential skills to enter the job market, which leads them to find jobs that they are interested in.

How you can help us

Just call at +91 97011 89677 to make a donation

Vision & Mission

Our goal is to seek a society which celebrates diversity, where rights are secured, citizenship realized


Children all are doing well, they all got good marks in annual exams they are so excited to go to new classes.

Connect With Kids

You can come over to our location and spend time with kids involving them in any of the activities


We celebrate birthdays of children and we can share with you the schedule if you wish to join,